Sunday, July 22, 2012

- Long Gone and back in action -

Gone for... more than 3 months! Indeed. Some people might think that my blog is dead.

What a come back now. I do not even know how to start this blog for now, but hey, short updates.

Been here and there and very busy schedule for the past couple of months.

I have been going to GX - Body Attack classes for months now and targeting the lean body that everyone yearn for. Yes! No matter how hard the road is, No Pain, No Gain.

I have started off with my marathon run as well. Been to at least 3 marathons, and more to come.

Started off with 7K Pullman run organized by SGH, in conjunction of the organ donation. I pull it off by recording my time of one hour and 10 minutes. This was my first non-stop run and recovery took me at least 3 days.

Without failing. I took the challenge of 21K Spring Run on the 17 July. Half way through I gave up, due to insufficient training. Caution! You have to train for months before you can even run longer route. For me, I survived and most importantly, the experience and passion drives me towards more runs in the future.

The 10k Pullman run organized by SSPCA was truely a huge improvement for me. Time: 1 hour and 8 minutes on a rainy and breezy morning. Half way through, meet up with a motorcyclist who self accident. Slippery and cold weather does not ware my spirit to continue running until the end. Proud indeed.

More Runs to come! Stay Tune.

Besides, another stepping stone for me is my diving lessons / trips. Kudos as I got my open water sea diving at Satang Island in Kuching. Beautiful and spectacular dive sites with lots of tremendously beautiful corals and various fishes. Future dive sites include two Japanese wreck, Hiyoshi and Katori Maru destroyer ship wrecks, sunk by british forces in World War 2, in which my plans for expansion for my open sea diving.

Besides, my first leisure dives was in the Pulau Perhentian besar. 

Hai Yak! Giving the Perhentian Flying Kick!

The beautiful sandy beaches of Perhentian Besar. If you zoom in some more, you can see the clear water. Best sites for snorkeling.

Beautiful rocks! Picture was filtered using Instagram.

Scenery before sunset! Seen my Path and you'll know it.

The beautiful sunset!

There goes my 1 week absent from my work! Kinda reminds me to go back next time to the Long Beach in Perhentian Kecil next time! Miss the sea water, fishes, stingrays, eel, beautiful clown fish~ etc....

There you go. Short and memorable Holiday. Best of all, the breathtaking pictures that I have took are unable to fit in all of these column. It will be a long post, otherwise boring post. Look for me alternatively on my others social network.

More to come!

1. Kuching Festival all throughout August!
2. Mount Singai Jungle Trekking.
3. Gunung Gading Short jungle Trekking.
4. Jangkar Waterfall in August.
5. Merdeka Trip~ Away from Kuching again!
6. Olympics theme GX class - 11 August.
7. Paintball - Planning but insufficient people to shoot at.
8. Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon - Cancel off because 21K is full.
9. Penang International Marathon - Planning as 50/50.

Second half of the year should be fun, at least.

Gonna head to Body Pump now to work hard!

Till then, don't get bored reading my short aka long post.

Peace out!

 - Ianization - 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

- Lost Souls -

Way back in January, I posted my 3rd post....

Trying to find my way back to blogging again, I do think I need more inspiration for me to get going in writing again.

As of today, almost 3 months since my last post, and I do not know why am I slagging. Probably it was due to my workload. *Find something to blame on.

This is bad, I told myself. No matter what, I need to come up with a very strange and weird program to get me outta here.

It is Earth Hour today. And I beginning to think that quarter of year ended in the blink of an eye. What is there to loose right? Right in front of my eyes, thinking of fooling people tomorrow. Would you be the one to be fool tomorrow?

Looking forward and anticipate for couple of things which will happen soon.

1. Shadowing my first Les Mills class in 2 weeks time. Body Attack I'm talking about.

2. Schedule for a diving course soon. Am still unclear about this. The expedition will be schedule in the beginning of July.

3. May is the City day Parade for Miri. Jazz Festival is one of the event I'm looking forward to. Last minutes plan again eh~ We will see about that.

4. And then it is June again. Travel to KK Sabah!

Frankly, I do not have lots of leave to clear nor to take, nor any more extra budget to spend.

I am thinking to revisit back last year destination early next year.

You'll know what I am talking about... Do you?

Earth Hour starting in 1.5 hours time. Am going out for my Earth Hour Dinner now..

Any do hope I will recover soon for my sickness....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

- Year of Dragon -

Year of Rabbit is diminishing soon...

Year of Dragon is dramatically gushing ahead...

Happy Chinese New Year to All!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

- 5th January, 2012 -

This just in!

Rain started off around 10pm last night. Got home, feeling like its another "good-to-sleep" night. Cozy in the comforter.

About 530AM in the morning, woke up with the snooze beside me. Went back to sleep for another hour. Woke up and felt something wrong.

After taking my breakfast, my mom told me the drain wasn't able to flow properly. As the effect of it, the water level began to increase. Car porch wasn't exclude as well.

Gosh, this was terrible. Couldn't imagine how heavy the rain going to be and worst of all when will it stop raining.

Gushing out my car into the main road hoping things wasn't that bad.

It was, however horrible views. Everywhere flood...

Jalan Laksamana, Jalan Matang, Jalan Batu Lintang, BDC, etc...

Thinking that the rain would not cease at that moment, was concerning about the house got flooded. Mom is at home alone saving our assets at home.

Make a firmed decision to go back home.

Took me almost an hour and a half to make it back home safely.

The famous Batu Lintang School got flooded. Good luck with the King tide this weekend.

Even the Shell station was treated evenly with the taste of flood.

Was driving carefully and pray everything will be ok.

And worst of all, I was stuck in traffic jam for almost 2 hours. To make it worst, Stomachache!!!!!

I'm glad that I made it home safely.

Be safe and drive safe. Remember your love ones at home.

Again, Good Luck with the King tide this weekend.